Verbatim Transcription

Professional speakers often prefer exact word-for-word transcription including the uhs, false starts and stuttering so they can use the document as a tool to perfect their craft.

Semi-verbatim Transcription

In this word-for-word transcript, we clean up the copy by eliminating unnecessary words. Semi-verbatim transcribing is popular with our Internet marketing clients who appreciate our ability to remove their “ahs” and “ums” and make basic corrections to their grammar.

“The team at has been fantastic every time I’ve used them. They ask all the right questions, do the job right, and I’ve referred many people to them as a result. Thanks for the great work guys – it’s a pleasure working with you.”

Jim Cockrum

Internet Business Author/Speaker/Coach,

“I was in a bind. I desperately needed a lot of audios turned into transcripts for a video shoot I was doing in two days.

“As always, Internet Transcribers delivered. Not only that, it took longer for me to get some of the audios to them. They told me not to worry, they could still meet the deadline.

“Easy to work with, wildly competent, and they do the work on time. What more could I ask for?”

Rick Maurer

author and consultant on change management, Maurer & Associates, Arlington, Virginia

Guaranteed Services


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Prompt Service

Most 1-2 hour audio files will be transcribed and delivered within 48-72 hours. 24-hour turnaround is available, as well, on projects 60 minutes or less that are received before 5pm EST. Arrangements for larger projects should be made in advance. We will work within your scheduling needs.


Our skilled transcriptionists are competent, experienced, and thorough.


We will keep you informed of your project’s status! No more guessing when your transcript will be delivered.


We assure you of complete accuracy in content and spelling.


If you have a deadline to meet, tell us and we will achieve it with outstanding efficiency.

Flat Rates

Our prices are billed by the word. A standard 1-hour MP3 file is approximately 10,000 words, or $100.00


If after receiving your product from us you are not completely satisfied with our service, contact us within 7 days, and we will gladly refund your payment.

How We Operate

Send us your MP3 files and we will deliver proofed, formatted transcripts, attached to an e-mail as Microsoft Word documents, as soon as they are completed.
We also accommodate special formatting requests. This feature usually adds one business day to the turnaround time.
You will receive an invoice with your transcript. Payment is due upon delivery.
If you would like to receive a printed copy of your transcript, we would love to mail it to you upon request for 10 cents a page, plus shipping.

Flat Rate, Per-word Billing

To give you the most accurate pricing possible, we offer you quality verbatim or semi-verbatim transcribing for just 1 cent a word. (That’s $100 for 10,000 words.) You don’t pay for the length of your recording; only the actual words transcribed.

We accept payment through Paypal. Instructions are on the invoice.


Verbatim or Semi-Verbatim: $0.01 per word

Create as PDF: $5.00 per document

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